About Canada’s Digital Policy Forum

Canada’s Digital Policy Forum (CDPF) is an independent think-tank devoted to advancing digital policy issues. Our mission is to facilitate the development of public policies that advance Canada’s digital economy by promoting dialogue and the interchange of ideas between civil society, business and government, and conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas in a digital world.

CDPF Members include Amazon, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, CANARIE, Cisco, GS1 Canada, Google Canada, Intuit, Rogers, FireEye, Symantec Corporation, and Crestview Strategy.

Our Objective
CDPF’s objective is to encourage the development of public policies that support a competitive digital economy. Our goal is to build a community of digital thought leaders that will lead the discussion on the digital economy. CDPF convenes leaders from all sectors of Canadian society and:

  • Encourages collaboration between stakeholders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors;
  • Facilitates discussion on the importance of the digital sector to Canada’s economic prosperity;
  • Strengthens policy through sharing of mutual experiences in Canada and abroad;
  • Undertakes activities to support the dissemination of policy ideas in the digital policy sphere.

Our Activities 

We develop new policy ideas by convening senior industry stakeholders and executives, government representatives, civil society and academia through roundtables, conferences, and workshops. We apply our comprehensive research and strategic analysis to help shape the digital policy discussion in Canada.

Our Challenges and Opportunities

The Canadian Government recognizes the importance of digital policy and has taken steps to support the growth of the sector. Recognizing that digital issues and opportunities cannot be limited to one particular sector, CDPF engages multi-sector and multi-jurisdiction participation for a layered process, capturing the experiences of government, industry and civil society. CDPF’s value proposition addresses this need by:

  • Providing the setting;
  • Convening the players; and
  • Translating ideas into recommendations for near term action.

CDPF Advisory Committee Members

  • Tanya Woods, Entertainment Software Association of Canada
  • Ryan Eickmeier, GS1 Canada
  • Colin McKay, Google in Canada
  • Kenneth Whyte, Rogers
  • John Midgley, Intuit
  • Thomas MacLellan, FireEye
  • Kerry Patterson-Baker, Symantec Corporation
  • Alex Bushell, CANARIE

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